Enjoy training your dog from the comfort of your home!

We all want a dog who is well behaved in our home environment, so our online, home-schooling enables you to work on all the games within the comfort of your home. Our clients tell us that they love home-schooling as it is a no hassle option - no time spent travelling, no need for baby sitters - the whole family can be present. It is also ideal for dogs and puppies that struggle with car travel, meeting strangers and other dogs and of course your puppy can start training as soon as you bring them home - there is no need to wait for them to complete their vaccination course. Not to mention the owners who might struggle to focus in a group environment and prefer to work within their own safe space.

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If you wish to enrol in one of our training courses, you can chose how you prefer to study and we have three options available to you....


Option 1 - Enrol in our online training school and follow the programme of your choice, on your own. You will receive weekly pre-recorded videos of talks and demonstrations for you to follow.

Option 2 - Enrol in our online training school and follow the programme of your choice with the additional support of a weekly Zoom conference call with Yvonne and Mary. You can do this on your own, or get a group of friends to join you in the fun. During the Zoom conference we will explain and demonstrate the games before giving you the opportunity to practice with your own dogs while we watch and coach you online. 

Option 3 - Enrol in a class. This option is similar to option 2 but the class will be made up of other puppy owners that you won't necessarily know at the start of the course.

For options 2 and 3 the Zoom Room is open up to fifteen minutes before your class begins so that you come online and chat and get to know your classmates. We encourage you to film yourself playing the games throughout the week and you can either post them in the private Facebook group or message them direct to Yvonne and Mary so that we can provide support and feedback. The more videos you submit, the more you benefit from our expertise.

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Our 121 training sessions are completely flexible. You can sign up for just one session or a package of three or five sessions.  Each Zoom session lasts 1 hour and we will explain, demonstrate and coach you through the games we identify to help your struggle. It's up to you how regularly you have your sessions and we have daytime and evening slots available.

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Having seen the benefits of holding our behavioural consultations online, we have decided that our initial consultation and review session will always be held on Zoom.

Many dogs needing behavioural help struggle with travelling to a strange place and meeting strange people. During a face to face consultation we often spend a large part of the session getting the dog to relax enough to engage with it's owner and often we have to start the session with the dog in the car. With an online session your dog is in the comfort of his own home, he is not invaded by strangers coming into that home and, for those that struggle with car travel, he doesn't have to endure a journey before and after the session. Our clients tell us that their dogs learn so much more quickly and that they have seen lasting results within the home and their local environment. Previously we would need to transition the learning at our centre to the home - home-schooling reduces the need for this transition resulting in quicker results!

During a behavioural consultation we will take a history of your dog, his lifestyle and the struggle. We will then formulate a transformation plan (which we discuss and share with you via email. We will explain, demonstrate and coach you through the required concepts identified in the plan. The initial consultation lasts 90 minutes. We will provide you with any supporting documents you need and will see you again for your 45 minute review three weeks later.  At the review we will discuss what, if any, follow up is required. 

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