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Booking a Class

You can book classes for Rally O or Fit, Fun and Games with Yvonne here, and any of our workshops.

The Rally O and Fit, Fun and Games classes can be booked individually or you can now purchase a package and book a number of classes in one go Fit, Fun and Games Classes are held on a Tuesday. Rally O classes are held on a Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon!

How to Book Life Skills Classes with Mary Burnside

If you wish to book a classes with Mary - Puppy Skills for Life, Progressing Skills for Life and Perfecting Skills for Life, please can you drop her an email and she can discuss which course is best for you. 

How to Book Rally O and Fit, Fun & Games Classes with Yvonne

Fit, Fun and Games classes are ONLY open to handlers that have completed the Perfecting Skills for Life classes.  Rally O classes are ONLY open to handlers that have competed an Introduction to Rally O workshop or 121 session.

Fit, Fun and Games Classes are held on Tuesday afternoons. We have a maximum of 6 dogs per class. 

​Rally O Classes are held on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. We have a maximum of 8 dogs per class.

You can now book your weekly sessions online for Tuesdays at 2pm and 3pm , Saturday mornings at 10am and Sunday afternoons at 2:30pm. Times may change due to the hot weather in July and August.

Fit, Fun and Games Classes encourage lifelong canine health through exercise and incorporates a mixture of canine fitness training, Hoopers, and concept games.  For more details click here.

Rally O Classes teach fun, obedience tasks and encourage handlers to work towards competing in Rally O trials.


You can purchase different packages saving you £2.50 per class by clicking on the relevant package below:​

  • Individual classes are £15.

Booking Procedure

  • You must purchase a package first. 

  • You will be given a code. 

  • Use code to select dates. 

  • You can mix and match between Fit Fun and Games and Rally O sessions on any of the offered dates on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

How to Book Multiple Classes

  • Click here and then click View Products/Packages at top of page - click on Package you want - complete details and click on Pay Now and Complete Order

  • You will be shown a receipt with a code - click Schedule and you can then go and choose classes from any of the dates and book.

  • Click on your first appointment and choose Complete Appointment

  • You can add it to your calendar as appropriate

  • Click Schedule Another Appointment to choose another appointment etc​​

How to Book Individual Classes


  • Click on the class day you wish to attend

  • Click on the date you wish to attend and choose Sign Up

  • Choose Pay Now

  • Complete forms and payment

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