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"Believes that the emotional well-being of the animal is as important as its physical well-being."

COAPE International

The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology  (COAPE) has an established reputation as one of the top animal behaviour educational service providers in the world. COAPE International offers dedicated, professional and independently accredited study training programmes in companion animal behaviour and behaviour therapy internationally for all levels of students.

Our training programmes will enable you to gain a recognised qualification and will prepare you to pursue a successful career in this highly rewarding field, anywhere in the world.

We are proud to have these courses available to all levels of students in animal behaviour worldwide.  

As an independent course provider, COAPE understands the importance of giving students the most up to date, relevant information to positively influence and modify the behaviour of the animals they want to work with.  If you are starting your journey in the field of Animal Behaviour, we will assist you to make an informed decision about which of our courses will be right for you.

Our course writers include distinguished and well-known names in the Animal Behaviour world, including Professor Peter Neville, Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, and the late Professor Ray Coppinger, meaning you will gain access to the minds of some of the best behaviourists in the world. 

Yvonne Mackender is a tutor for COAPE International and offers hands-on workshops, seminars and practical Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses in the UK.

CPD is an integral part of many canine professions including vets, vet nurses, canine hydrotherapists, groomers, boarding kennels, catteries, dog walkers, pet sitters, day care providers and pet shops by providing an opportunity to develop new or expand on existing skills.

COAPE can provide this CPD for you and is available in a number of formats and can be tailored to fit in with the information and skills that individual businesses require. Sessions can be run as full day; half day or as shorter daytime, weekend or evening presentations lasting just a couple of hours.


If you are looking for a qualification, we can arrange practical sessions alongside the online courses offered by COAPE International.

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