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Rally O with Yvonne Mackender

Weekly classes:
Saturday 6 April 2024 to 28 September 2024 - 10am to 11am

Sunday 23 June 2024 t0 29 September 2024 - 2.30pm to 3.30pm

Classes are £15 each or you can purchase a block to classes

At Progressing Partnerships our Rally O classes are based on the Talking Dogs Rally® which is designed specifically for pet dogs and their owners with an emphasis on fun, welfare and support. Talking Dogs have devised a wonderfully non-competitive sport that owners can enjoy with your dog. Each handler navigates a course which has numbered signs. All exercises are based on the practical skills that help our pet dogs behave well in public and in private. Dogs will work naturally on the left and on the right sides, with loose leads and need to have a working relationship with their owners. 

Strictly limited to 8 handler / dog teams.  Book now to avoid disappointment.

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